How I Got Into Cosplay

Since I first started wearing foundation (that was three times too dark for me) and blue glitter eyeliner, I’ve been a make up addict. When Benefit released the limited edition They’re Real Swarovski Mascara in November 2015, you better believe I bought it the first morning it was on shelves. I love learning new tips and tricks to make up to not only speed up my morning routine, but also to highlight and enhance my preferred features.

Most of what I learned came from the internet, and one of the biggest helps was YouTube. If it wasn’t for Michelle Phan, my winged liner would take ten times longer! Of course, when browsing YouTube, you come across all sorts of things. From cat videos to blue waffle, there is everything on that site. So whilst clicking through endless make up and hair tutorials, I would come across the odd few cosplay videos, cutesyย how to’s as well as more theatricalย make up. Watching these videos would excite me, especially the cosplay videos from actual conventions. Most of these videos would be filmed at American conventions, so the quality of the costumes always seemed out of this world. I was astounded by the amount of skill these cosplayers had! They would made stunning replicas of costumes from movies that would’ve taken a team of people to make. Despite watching these videos, I still didn’t know what I was interested in was called cosplay and that the community was pretty big in Ireland, too. It wasn’t until the end of 2014 that a friend introduced me to Jessica Nigri, dubbed “Queen of Cosplay” by her fans, that I realised what it all was. From there, I discovered Yayahan, SuperMaryFace, Alana Waffles, and more. In no time at all, I had already decided on various cosplays I wanted to try out.

I was extremely fortunate to already have a friend who was an active cosplayer, and like the mama bird that she is, she took me under her wing and introduced me to the Irish cosplay scene in the summer of 2015. From there, we met up along with another cosplayer to plan what would be my first cosplay and first cosplay group; DC Sirens. Not only was it exciting to plan my outfit, but it was even better getting to meet so many people who share a common interest with you. Comics, anime, and gaming were a guilty pleasure of mine, but now, they’re a passion of mine. I love being able to walk into a con and meet new people, swapping fun facts about DC and Marvel characters, playing new games and admiring each others cosplays.

What I love the most about it all, though, is getting to experiment with make up. Before I started making costumes and researching more about cosplay, the majority of bits I’d had in my make up bag wouldn’t extend beyond brown and gold eyeshadows and a load of nude lipsticks. For someone who loved make up, I was pretty basic. I love the natural look, and prefer to just enhance what I got. With cosplay, I now own a growing collection of rainbow eyeshadows and various foundation colours even. I have a whole separate bag for liquid latex alone! Being able to cosplay gives me the chance to experiment with make up, and sometimes what I learn can be pretty easily transferred over to my boring, everyday make up. For example, without cosplay, I wouldn’t have a clue how to highlight or contour. I can also make some pretty realistic gills on my neck, but that’s just me bragging.

If you’re ever interested in the cosplay scene in Ireland, just check out a few of the conventions happening here.ย Don’t forget to click the links to check out some of my favourite MUA’s on YouTube!