Sticking with Skinny

For spring 2016, my favourite style of jean is being thrown out the window; skinny jeans! According to every source under the sun, my favourite jean are dead and gone for not only spring, but all 2016. On Twitter and Instagram, I’m instead being shown wider and higher rise jeans from all my favourite fashion magazines and blogs. Now, whilst I do love incorporating some trends into my current style, such as rose gold accessories (even hair!) and tennis skirts, the new jean style  is one trend I’m not going to be embracing so easily.

Celebs Raw Style; Heidi Klum, Elle Fanning, Kim K, Alex Chung

Fortunately, blue jeans of all shades are going to be a big hit all the way from now until the summer, but there is not a clean cut skinny in sight. Instead, most fashion blogs and magazines are saying that frayed or “raw” hems and ankle crops are the must have jean style for the season. I could almost accept this, bar the fact that most magazines and blogs are showing that the new jean trend definitely have a looser fit than I would like. As my body is more plus than mini, I’m not jumping on this bandwagon. I don’t exactly want to add more inches onto my body! I’ve also got some curves I’m pretty proud of, I don’t want to just hide them. I’ve spent years trying to love them and now I’m being told I should cover them up?! Typical, right?

Screenshot (29)

Topshop’s MOTO Embroidered Straight Jeans, €77

I’m staying true to the skinny jean because not only are they comfortable, but they’ve been my go to since I was 14 years old. I can’t just break a relationship like that! But like any good fashion lover, I’ll be tweaking the new trend to my liking. Instead of wearing the horrendous new looser fit trend, I’ll still be rocking my Molly’s, but they’ll just be a little bit shorter in length. I already own a pair of frayed jeans I bought accidentally in Penney’s! Now I can wear them without being too embarrassed by the dodgy hems. Who knows, I might even end up wearing straight leg jeans in the future, despite shuddering at the thought now.

Screenshot (32)

River Island’s Ripped Matilda Skinny Jeans

If you’re looking to either embrace the new trend or modify your skinny jean love like I am, the best places to look are the usual (high street) suspects; Topshop, Urban Outfitters, River Island, and ASOS.


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