Bizarre Beauty: Rise of the Mini Boob

Bizarre Beauty: Rise of the Mini Boob

For so long, A-listers have been getting surgery to enhance what they’ve got, but most of the time to change what they are already blessed with. When we think of celebrity plastic surgery, we think bigger boobs and smaller noses. Most of the time, they are quite drastic changes. But over the last two years, these major changes have become more minor. Shows like E’s Botched have highlighted not only how severely people change their body, but also that more often than not, it’s the tiny changes that give people a new confidence.

The Daily Mail UK revealed recently that there is a new, subtle change happening within Hollywood. The trend of rocking beach balls on your chest is over, and giving your little buddies a small plump is the new black. Speaking to the Daily Mail, surgeon Adrian Richards admits that the clients going under the knife want to keep people guessing at whether they’ve had surgery or not. There are two options to give your boobs a boost; a small implant can be inserted under the muscle for a natural look, or fat can be injected into the breast. Richards revealed that people like Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba appear to have had this surgery.

For those who aren’t too fond of needles or surgery, fortunately we have an alternative. With more and more contour kits launching and more tutorials online of how to contour everything from your face to your feet, it should be no surprise that it’s pretty simple to give your bust that slight lift. This trick can be used on any size bust, really. It gives your chest a lifted look that any girl of any size would like! How I learned how to contour my lady friends is thanks to brilliant YouTuber and cosplayer, SuperMaryFace. The video below shows your how to get “cosplay boobs” but I’ve totally used it (minus the socks and extra bra!) to make my bust a bit more shapely looking. That’s the beauty of make up tricks, you take what you want from it.


Top 5 Baseball Caps for the Summer

Top 5 Baseball Caps for the Summer

When it comes to my hair, I am the laziest thing. I’d much rather sit back and relax as someone deals with my tresses. Unfortunately, I’m no Kardashian so I can’t afford that luxury. Instead, I tend to opt for dry shampoo when I’m not arsed to wash my hair, or a trusty hat for those bad hair days. My favourite type of hat to go to has to be the baseball cap.


1.Ted Baker, €49

Caps Ted

Yes, I know, it’s a men’s hat BUT who cares? As we all know, menswear looks great on any female body. A baggy Calvin Klein tee with a pair of ripped skinnies is a staple for many, so why not top it off with a nice hat from Ted Baker?

2.ASOS, €11.27


Like a LBD, it’s important to have a LBC, a little black cap. These hats suit anyone and everyone, ’cause it’s fashion favourite colour. It meshes in well with dark brunettes or black hair, whilst with blondes and redheads it’s a great contrast. If you happen to have pastel or neon hair, it only shows off the vibrancy of them more!

3.Boohoo, €8

Cap Boohoo

I adore all shades of green. Maybe it’s the Irish pride coming out, but I just love all shades of green, from aqua to khaki to turquoise. This shade of green gets me excited for the summer, it’s similar to a sea green, so I can totally see myself relaxing in a pair of cut off levi’s, white tee, and Penney’s finest sunglasses as the sun beats down on me. But fortunately, I’ve a fab hat to keep my face from burning.

4.Polo by Ralph Lauren, €35

Cap Polo

Okay, again with a men’s cap BUT I love Polo caps. Not only are they so easy to adjust, but they’re cheap and cheerful. You can snag it online, but it’s over €36 whilst only €35 in Arnotts. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it online from Arnotts but there is always some kind of sale going on in there from their seasonal sales to their Mega days where you can get 20% off. A trip to the Henry Street store is always worth while!

5.H&M, €7.99

Cap H and  M

For something more excited, a lot can be said for a nice print. Spice up a block colour outfit with this unisex tropical style cap. Wearing this hat during even a wet summer day in Ireland will keep you excited!

Energie de Vie Nuit, The Sleeping Mask

Energie de Vie Nuit, The Sleeping Mask

If you suffer from annoying, dry and generally over sensitive skin, the new Engerie de Vie range from Lancome is just want you need!

For so SO long, I’ve seen so many Irish celebs on my Snapchat showing off this fab new range from Lancome. The Energie de Vie range was released in April this year, and it’s being talked about by beauty bloggers around the country. The products in the range are a combination of three plant extracts (French melissa, goji berry and gentian) for a renewed, youthful-looking glow. I got a free sample of The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask from CH Chemist in Tralee, Kerry when I bought my SoSueMe contour kit (blog post up soon!)


I couldn’t resist trying it the day I got it. The mask is said to deeply hydrate the skin, which is perfect whilst we have this damp, humid heatwave. The cooling formula soaks into the skin and the smell is also lush. The refreshing fragrance reminds me of relaxing in a spa, something I wish I could indulge in every Friday evening.

This is not a moisturiser, it’s a mask. It’s has very light, gel-like texture that dries clear and may seem like a face cream, but it ain’t. Leave the mask on your skin for around ten minutes, maybe fifteen minutes if your skin has had a hard few days. And that’s all you need. The smooth texture decreases the skin’s temperature to prep the skin before applying the night cream.


Obviously, it would be best to purchase the Energie de Vie night cream after the mask, but I was an eager beaver who just had to try it ASAP. I used Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Moisturiser (my usual nighttime moisturiser) after leaving the mask on for ten minutes. And that was all my skin needed. I definitely noticed a difference the next morning. As mentioned in my Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation review, I suffer from horrible dry skin on my cheeks. The day after applying the light mask, I couldn’t feel any dryness and my skin was incredibly smooth. I am so chuffed with how well the Energie de Vie mask reacted to my skin, that I’m very excited to see more of the collection. I’m definitely buying a few bits now!

You can pick up the full Energie de Vie range in Brown Thomas and it’s soon to hit other stockists nationwide.


Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15

Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15

Like most Irish women, I have combination skin. For some, it’s not too bad. It’s normally an oily t-zone with dryness around the cheeks. Unfortunately for me, whilst my t-zone isn’t too bad, my cheeks look like cracked sandstone (Slight exaggeration but you know what I mean!)

Having heard a lot about different foundations, such as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation, I decided that I wanted to spend big on a foundation that suited me more or less perfectly. I was sick to DEATH of using cheaper foundations for nights out, ’cause I boogie hard and that make up doesn’t stick.

You’re probably wondering, why didn’t I just go for the Double Wear foundation then?  Whilst 99% of the reviews have been glowing, there was one feature of the liquid foundation that slightly turned me off; blending is a bitch. Feel free to give your say, but according to my sources (my gal pals), you have to blend that foundation pretty fast as it dries quickly. One even told me that you can end up with that harsh foundation chin line! And with my dry dry cheeks, I would look like a bit of a fool. Someday down the line, I will probably end up finally trying it myself, but I need to seriously sort out my messy combination skin first. Fortunately, whilst shopping around, I ventured over to trusty old Bobbi Brown and explained my situation. They recommended to try their Moisture Rich Foundation with SPF 15.

2016-05-03 18.24.41

First off, it has SPF 15 in it, that alone is pretty awesome! Even though we don’t get much sun in Ireland, it’s still important to protect our skin daily from the sun rays that do break through. Being a big fan of their Hydrating Face Cream, I was especially drawn into this foundation as it was a “moisture rich” one. My daily cover is a simple Rimmel one, which I love, but it can dry out my face a lot over the course of the day and it tends to slide off. So a foundation that won’t leave my skin looking cracked and dry? Sold!

Below, it’s yours truly looking awkward as ever (forgive me, it’s my first IRL make-up review!)

2016-05-03 20.04.49

What I loved the most about this foundation is not only it’s staying power, but even when you’ve applied it and moved onto your contour, you can still blend it. It really is moisture rich! What you can’t see in this photo, unfortunately, is the lovely dewy finish it gives you, which is perfect just as our weather is getting warmer and more spring-like. I paired it with Benefit’s Watts Up, which is fab (review soon, promise!) to enhance the soft, spring look.

I picked up my foundation from Arnotts for €40.