Like most Irish women, I have combination skin. For some, it’s not too bad. It’s normally an oily t-zone with dryness around the cheeks. Unfortunately for me, whilst my t-zone isn’t too bad, my cheeks look like cracked sandstone (Slight exaggeration but you know what I mean!)

Having heard a lot about different foundations, such as Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation, I decided that I wanted to spend big on a foundation that suited me more or less perfectly. I was sick to DEATH of using cheaper foundations for nights out, ’cause I boogie hard and that make up doesn’t stick.

You’re probably wondering, why didn’t I just go for the Double Wear foundation then?  Whilst 99% of the reviews have been glowing, there was one feature of the liquid foundation that slightly turned me off; blending is a bitch. Feel free to give your say, but according to my sources (my gal pals), you have to blend that foundation pretty fast as it dries quickly. One even told me that you can end up with that harsh foundation chin line! And with my dry dry cheeks, I would look like a bit of a fool. Someday down the line, I will probably end up finally trying it myself, but I need to seriously sort out my messy combination skin first. Fortunately, whilst shopping around, I ventured over to trusty old Bobbi Brown and explained my situation. They recommended to try their Moisture Rich Foundation with SPF 15.

2016-05-03 18.24.41

First off, it has SPF 15 in it, that alone is pretty awesome! Even though we don’t get much sun in Ireland, it’s still important to protect our skin daily from the sun rays that do break through. Being a big fan of their Hydrating Face Cream, I was especially drawn into this foundation as it was a “moisture rich” one. My daily cover is a simple Rimmel one, which I love, but it can dry out my face a lot over the course of the day and it tends to slide off. So a foundation that won’t leave my skin looking cracked and dry? Sold!

Below, it’s yours truly looking awkward as ever (forgive me, it’s my first IRL make-up review!)

2016-05-03 20.04.49

What I loved the most about this foundation is not only it’s staying power, but even when you’ve applied it and moved onto your contour, you can still blend it. It really is moisture rich! What you can’t see in this photo, unfortunately, is the lovely dewy finish it gives you, which is perfect just as our weather is getting warmer and more spring-like. I paired it with Benefit’s Watts Up, which is fab (review soon, promise!) to enhance the soft, spring look.

I picked up my foundation from Arnotts for €40.


5 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15

  1. Hello! Just popped over to share the same sentiments: combination-dry and sensitive skin girl here. I get you when you said your cheeks can be sandstone because home girl here gets that…even in humid and sunny Hong Kong! 🙄 I’ve given the Double Wear a go and personally, I found that albeit the foundation does set relatively quickly, if your base is moisturizing enough (notice that I said moisturizing and not hydrating; if you applied lotion that’s only hydrating on just dry cheeked-girls, it’ll feel like we splashed water on it. Totally useless.) and you actually take your foundation past your jawline and just a little into your upper neck territory, the blending is actually less of a problem! In addition, I add around one to two drops of my favourite serum (and in your case, your own hydrating serum or a facial oil if you must) to my foundation when I feel like I need that extra oomph based on my skin’s condition and the local climate/environment. In terms of bases, I found Make Up For Ever’s Nourishing Primer and Smashbox’s Photo Finish one to be excellent options!

    OOH. You might also want to try using two different bases to address your skin’s concerns prior to applying your foundation: using the products that I just mentioned, I’d use the Smashbox for my t-zone for oil control and general smoothing it out and the Make Up For Ever on my cheeks; frankly, by just working with the right primers/bases and a little DIY with the foundation’s hydration/moisturization properties, it’s widened my selection of foundations by a mile! 😄

    Whew. That was unexpectedly long but I just felt like I had to pass along some information to a fellow combo-dry skinned gal ✌🏻️


    1. Thank you so much for all your tips! Was great to read all those tips. I actually use the Smashbox Primer Oil and I totally agree that it is fab. That and Smashbox’s Hydrating Primer (although that smells a bit strong of chemicals, which is unfortunate)
      Definitely going to give a few of your tips a go! I do prefer Bobbi Brown’s stuff, though, as it’s just perfect for my skin. Combination skin is a PAIN!
      Thanks for the comment gal.
      Emma xo

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