When it comes to my hair, I am the laziest thing. I’d much rather sit back and relax as someone deals with my tresses. Unfortunately, I’m no Kardashian so I can’t afford that luxury. Instead, I tend to opt for dry shampoo when I’m not arsed to wash my hair, or a trusty hat for those bad hair days. My favourite type of hat to go to has to be the baseball cap.


1.Ted Baker, €49

Caps Ted

Yes, I know, it’s a men’s hat BUT who cares? As we all know, menswear looks great on any female body. A baggy Calvin Klein tee with a pair of ripped skinnies is a staple for many, so why not top it off with a nice hat from Ted Baker?

2.ASOS, €11.27


Like a LBD, it’s important to have a LBC, a little black cap. These hats suit anyone and everyone, ’cause it’s fashion favourite colour. It meshes in well with dark brunettes or black hair, whilst with blondes and redheads it’s a great contrast. If you happen to have pastel or neon hair, it only shows off the vibrancy of them more!

3.Boohoo, €8

Cap Boohoo

I adore all shades of green. Maybe it’s the Irish pride coming out, but I just love all shades of green, from aqua to khaki to turquoise. This shade of green gets me excited for the summer, it’s similar to a sea green, so I can totally see myself relaxing in a pair of cut off levi’s, white tee, and Penney’s finest sunglasses as the sun beats down on me. But fortunately, I’ve a fab hat to keep my face from burning.

4.Polo by Ralph Lauren, €35

Cap Polo

Okay, again with a men’s cap BUT I love Polo caps. Not only are they so easy to adjust, but they’re cheap and cheerful. You can snag it online, but it’s over €36 whilst only €35 in Arnotts. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it online from Arnotts but there is always some kind of sale going on in there from their seasonal sales to their Mega days where you can get 20% off. A trip to the Henry Street store is always worth while!

5.H&M, €7.99

Cap H and  M

For something more excited, a lot can be said for a nice print. Spice up a block colour outfit with this unisex tropical style cap. Wearing this hat during even a wet summer day in Ireland will keep you excited!


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