For so long, A-listers have been getting surgery to enhance what they’ve got, but most of the time to change what they are already blessed with. When we think of celebrity plastic surgery, we think bigger boobs and smaller noses. Most of the time, they are quite drastic changes. But over the last two years, these major changes have become more minor. Shows like E’s Botched have highlighted not only how severely people change their body, but also that more often than not, it’s the tiny changes that give people a new confidence.

The Daily Mail UK revealed recently that there is a new, subtle change happening within Hollywood. The trend of rocking beach balls on your chest is over, and giving your little buddies a small plump is the new black. Speaking to the Daily Mail, surgeon Adrian Richards admits that the clients going under the knife want to keep people guessing at whether they’ve had surgery or not. There are two options to give your boobs a boost; a small implant can be inserted under the muscle for a natural look, or fat can be injected into the breast. Richards revealed that people like Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba appear to have had this surgery.

For those who aren’t too fond of needles or surgery, fortunately we have an alternative. With more and more contour kits launching and more tutorials online of how to contour everything from your face to your feet, it should be no surprise that it’s pretty simple to give your bust that slight lift. This trick can be used on any size bust, really. It gives your chest a lifted look that any girl of any size would like! How I learned how to contour my lady friends is thanks to brilliant YouTuber and cosplayer, SuperMaryFace. The video below shows your how to get “cosplay boobs” but I’ve totally used it (minus the socks and extra bra!) to make my bust a bit more shapely looking. That’s the beauty of make up tricks, you take what you want from it.


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