I have an unhealthy habit. It’s pretty bad as I spend all my money on this habit when really I should be putting what money I do have towards something more substantial. But, I love Batman. So if something has the Batman symbol on it, you bet I’ve bought it.

I’ve been trying really hard over the years to ease up on this habit, but I was in Penneys the other day and spotted some must haves. For the release of Batman vs Superman, Penneys released a make-up collection for the film. I did resist the urge to buy everything, but went away with the Batman lippy, mascara, and eyeliner.


I wasn’t expecting much, given that the most expensive thing was €2.50, but I don’t think I’d be using them again, or at least not again if I was to wear the full face for more than half an hour.




I’ll start off with my favourite out of the lot –  the lipstick. Honestly, I haven’t many complaints about it. It’s a lovely colour, blots off well, and does make you feel quite sexy. But, as expected, the wear and tear isn’t great. As you’ll see with my Suicide Squad inspired look below, I also used the lipstick under my eyes. It was actually pretty handy for this look, as the lipstick smudges super easy and helped with the grungey I’ve-been-shooting-up-bad-guys vibe.

So would I use it again? Yeah, I do like the colour. I wouldn’t wear it to a dinner party ’cause the whole thing would be used up after every five bites and every sup of wine, but for a night out with the gals, definitely. Sure it only cost €1.50, you can’t go wrong!




Okay, this is where things start to go downhill. The actual formula itself, the black gunk, isn’t that bad. With a different brush, it goes on pretty well and has decent staying power. With the look, I had to go over my eyeshadow a bit which ended up going over the liner. Shockingly, the eyeliner didn’t smudge! I was pleasantly surprised. All I had to do was go over it a bit and boom, back to normal. That brush though, oh my days. Like every cat eye lover knows, the secret to a good flick is not in the wrist, but in the bristles. I have never used such a shite brush. Pardon my French, but it is SHITE. The brush given with the eyeliner is way too soft and flexible to get a decent straight line. Super disappointing given how good the liquid itself is!

So would I use it again? I’m 50/50. I’ll definitely be using the liquid again, ’cause I can’t fault it. That brush though, all it’s going to be used for it as a lid. I even tried drawing on Suicide Squad Harley’s heart on my cheek with that brush, and man, did I fail badly. I ended up using my Bobbi Brown felt tip eyeliner, which worked a treat. For €2.50, I’d rather spend the cash towards a Rimmel London eyeliner.




I’ve saved the worst ’till last. I’ve been wearing make-up for over a decade now, like since I was twelve years old. Hell, even from the age of seven if we’re including the stealing-make-up-from-mum days. And the very first make-up product I ever bought was this cheap ass goo from some random local pharmacy. That goo is better than this Batman mascara. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting much from these guys and I’ve mostly be pretty happy with the lippy and eyeliner. What I really didn’t expect was that this mascara was going to HURT. I’ve tried about a thousand and one mascaras in the last decade, but they have never made my eyes feel sore. And my eyes can handle a lot –  I wear contacts every day, even at the office, and I put some serious gunk in there for cosplay looks, from overloading black eyeliner on my waterline to putting in eye blood drops in my actual eye.

So what made it so bad? The mascara chipped off my eyelashes way too easy and went flying into my eyes straight away. The mascara doesn’t even give you that volume or length you want from mascara. I basically just made my light brown eyelashes black. It was from the mascara that I couldn’t last longer than half an hour wearing the look. When I removed the make-up, I saw just how bad the mascara was. Clunks of the liquid just about came off and around my eyes were covered in polka dots. This was the stuff going into my eyes. For €1.50, even though it’s cheap, it’s not worth it. Pay that extra 50c and buy something that’s not going to hurt you!


And of course, the look. In typical Harley fashion, I couldn’t do a serious face.



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