I’ve previously explained how to properly apply liquid latex, but how do you take it off? Recently, I invested in isopropyl myristate. It sounds long and scary, but is praised by SFX make-up artists around the globe. With the amount of damage I’ve done to my face already by applying liquid latex and literally ripping it off, I looked around to find what could safely remove it.

I picked mine up from Mystic Moments on Amazon. It comes in 125ml, 500ml, and 1 litre. I went for the smallest amount just to test to see if I liked it and how well it worked, but now I regret not getting a larger bottle! If you plan on using SX make-up a lot, it’s definitely worth investing in at least the 500ml.


But what is isopropyl mysitate? Simply, it’s a synthetic oil. It’s most commonly found in beauty products, like roll on deodorant, shampoo, moisturiser, that kind of stuff. Even check some of your favourite beauty products now and see if they have it. ISM, as its also known, is used within the beauty industry to replace natural oil so that the products feel less greasy. So it goes without saying, this stuff is totally okay to use on your skin to remove prosthetics.

To use ISM, it couldn’t be easier.


1. Start looking for that sweet spot where your prosthetic is starting to come off. If you can’t find a spot, start pulling faces! Stretch your face so that the props begin to move.

2. Once you have something to tug at, grab a decent sized brush, like this square foundation brush from MAC. Dip the brush into the ISM, and place the brush inbetween your skin and the prosthetic. Move it around a little, jig it about, and as the SX make-up starts to peel off, move it around more until the whole thing is ready to come off.


3. You’ll see your latex or prosthetics start to literally fall off, it’s a messy process. To get any spirit gum or thin layers of residue left on the skin, put a bit of the liquid on a cotton pad and rub it around your face. Finally, get a damp cloth and clean your face until it’s all off. Dry with a towel and BOOM, it’s all off.

This will save all the little baby hairs around your hairline and your lady ‘stash (we all have one!) Whilst ISM isn’t bad for the skin, I still advice washing your face with a natural cleanser and some water after as repeated use of ISM can clog your pores.

When it’s all taken off, your face will be saved. If you’ve ever torn off liquid latex, you know that your skin can end up looking raw and red. And how does your skin look after using ISM? The photo below was taken seconds after I finished taking everything off and it speaks for itself.



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