The biggest event in our geeky calenders happened over the weekend. San Diego Comic Con happens every summer in California and masses of film fanatics, comic book lovers, passionate gamers, and general pop culture nerds flock to our nerdy Mecca. Every year, Marvel, DC Comics, and others preview brand spanking new trailers for upcoming films and TV shows. So of course, I have to list my favourites that I’m most excited to see and who I’d most like to cosplay from each one.


LEGO Batman

How can you not be excited for LEGO Batman? I was so excited for the LEGO Movie when it first came out, so when I heard Will Arnett’s Batman was getting his own film I screamed. What excites me the most in this film is all the classic character that will be in it; the wonderfully camp Dick Grayson/Robin, the mysterious Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, the dramatic Joker, and of course the delightfully sarcastic Alfred.

Who would I cosplay? Robin, hands down. Not only is he rocking the hottest trend of the season with those glasses, but gives me a chance to start working on getting a nice booty! I love cosplaying quirky and exaggerated characters and Michael Cera’s Robin would be ideal. Also, it’ll allow me to live out my dream as a camp man.


Kong: Skull Island

Some people may be shocked that this isn’t in my top 3, but honestly I’m just a not as excited about Kong: Skull Island as I am about the others. I did study film partially in college though, which makes the film nerd in me excited for this. It looks visually stunning and I do love King Kong storylines. It also stars my favourite Kerry man, Michael Fassbender.

Who would I cosplay? Brie Larson’s character Weaver. Mostly ’cause the clothing in this is minimal unless I want to look drastically masculine, which just isn’t my thing. It would make for a super cosy casual cosplay and she still has weapons, which is a plus in my books.


Once Upon A Time

I am a huge fan of Once Upon A Time and discovered it on Netflix  about three years ago (all the series and even new episodes can be streamed there!) I am a Disney freak so when I found this series, the Disney shaped hole in my heart was filled as I waited for each new Disney Princess film. One of my absolute favourite princesses has to be Princess Jasmine, so when I saw that the Aladdin story was going to be included in the next season, I put a hole in the ceiling from jumping with joy.

Who would I cosplay? Okay, there’s only three characters shown in this so choice is limited but did you see how GLAM Jafar is? For sure I would stomp about with that snake cane like a boss. His entire costume is so incredibly beautiful that it be a great challenge for me.


Doctor Strange

One of the most anticipated Marvel films of the year with rumours that Will Ferrall was meant to star as the leading man, Doctor Strange follows the same style as every other Marvel film. Gorgeous imagery, awesome fight scenes and the odd bit of wit, it’s set to be one of the best if not the best Marvel films to date. Iron Man better watch out!

Who would I cosplay? Kaecilius, for sure. Mads Mikkelson’s eyes look absolutely horrifying and that is just the kind of costume make-up I love. I adore finding new ways to change my face and features, and caved in eyes is one that I’ve always wanted to try and haven’t yet. I especially love the cracked look he’s rocking.


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Having been a Harry Potter fan since I was a tyke, I am only buzzing for this film to come out. J.K. Rowling is again helping with the film so you know it’s going to be as beautiful and witty as every other film in the Potter franchise. From the trailer alone, it’s clear that it’s going to be hilarious and a wonderful emotional roller coaster. It also stars my babe Colin Farrell, who I’ve had a guilty crush on since I was a kid.

Who would I cosplay? Probably one of the beasts. I’d grab a few of my friends and try get us all to glue feathers to each other and make caw noises. They are stunning creatures and I’ve always wanted to rock the Buckbeak look anyway.


Suicide Squad

Can I be terribly basic and admit that this is going to be one of my favourite films of the year? Definitely not my favourite because Deadpool was the best ever. But still, it’s going to be awesome. There is a lot of hate out there for how they’ve designed the character’s looks, but if people actually researched how much effort has been put into this film, they’d realise that we should be applauding the whole crew behind this film. I could write a whole post about this, but you can also just easily google the various reports on this film.

Who would I cosplay? Again, I’m basic and I love Harley’s look, but I’m not choosing that. I’m also already cosplaying the Joker from this film at Dublin Comic Con this year, so I can’t say that. But I would absolutely love to cosplay El Diablo. You can’t deny he’s one of the most awesome characters out of the bunch. This is the third variation of him and the first of him as an ex-criminal, and unlike others, I kind of love it.



I’m devastated to see that so many original Arrow characters are no longer in the series, but the introduction of these new guys is kind of exciting. I’m most excited to see Curtis finally tackle that salmon ladder, but also the return of Evelyn Sharp who we only just met in season 4. Also, rumour has it that Katie Cassidy will return to the show. Earth One Laurel is dead, but her Earth Two doppelganger Black Siren is alive and well, so she might perhaps make a return.

Who would I cosplay? Thea seems to still be working with the team as Speedy, which has been a cosplay I’ve wanted to do for a long while. Her costume also hasn’t changed much, which I like ’cause I adore the lace-up detailing in it. For a curvy girl like me, it’s pretty handy to have some sort of lace-up detailing on your top!



Sorry, but FISH. IS. BACK. The bitch just can’t die. She’s escaped death, what, twice now? But she’s not the biggest reveal in this trailer. First of all, can we talk about the fact that RED HOOD was teased? Jason Todd is the best known Red Hood out there but the Joker too used the name as was told in The Man Behind The Red Hood, both in the comic and in the animated film Under The Red Hood. Jason came after Dick Grayson, and since we last met the Flying Graysons, Dick has yet to be born. So I’m guessing it’s another Joker storyline to keep the mystery of what his origin story is. Also, did anyone else happily scream at the Court of Owls teaser?

Who would I cosplay? Fish Mooney, no doubt. She’s a character that was created for the show but I want to see her in the comics, just like how Harley Quinn was introduced through the animated series and now has a string of comics and graphic novels named after her. Even though I’ve only seen Fish from the neck up, she’s looking fierce and fabulous. Those contrasting eyes and that gorgeous neck piece, I’m all over that.


Wonder Woman

HYPE HYPE HYPE. And I’ve totally fallen for it. We have been waiting for a Wonder Woman movie for how long? Years and years. Lynda Carter did an outstanding job at playing the Princess of the Amazons, but I have such a good feeling about Gal Gadot. Her appearance in Batman vs Superman was the best out of of the lot. She showed how strong a character Wonder Woman is and that gives me great confidence that her film will be one for this DC revamp to be proud of.

Who would I cosplay? Island Wonder Woman. Her costume seems quite comfortable and I really like the colour palette (If you haven’t noticed, I’m not only a basic girl but just basic overall, including colours). Her overall island look just seems quite sleek and cool, which I much prefer over her blue and red outfit. It was tough to pick though and if I didn’t have to choose one, I’d definitely pick both.


Justice League

Did you think I was going to leave out what is going to be the best DC film of the year? Justice League is FINALLY going to be released and the stellar line up has be beyond excited. With Jason Momoa starring as the seriously badass Aquaman and Ezra Miller the adorably quirky Flash, it had people screaming when the trailer was debuted at SDCC. I just hope the film expands on Bruce Wayne’s final question.

Who would I cosplay? I would genderbend the hell our of that Aquaman. The tattoos, the eyes, the HAIR. I love it all. We’ve yet to see his costume, if he gets a costume, but I adore that stance on top of the rock as the waves crash over him. What a powerful shot! No one would dare pick a fight at a con when you look like that.


The Flash

Last season they introduced Earth 2 and this year they are tackling the emotional Flashpoint storyline. The Flashpoint Paradox is in my top three DC Animated Films so I’m especially excited to see how they incorporate the story into the third season. I’m so happy to see they are finally introducing the long awaited speedster Wally West. Also, Eobard Thawne is BACK and in a cage, which we all know won’t keep him from making a quick mess.

Who would I cosplay? The Flash, obvicously. It’s been on my cosplay list for a while now to cosplay as Grant Gustin’s Flash. My first two cosplay’s ever were the 1960s Catwoman and Deadpool, so I have a certain love for full body suits. The Flash is also one of my favourite superheroes and this TV show, which I originally thought was going to be awful, has quickly become my favourite programme right now.


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