There is a lot of hate online recently about fitness and beauty bloggers. Publications are saying that these people are creating an unrealistic standard for their followers and pressuring them to look a certain way. Within all these articles, they seem to be targeting certain blogs and Instagrams. If they actually researched what they were arguing about, they would see that the majority of these blogs and Instagrams (Irish ones at least) preach about being comfortable in your skin and acceptance.

Beauty blogs also preach about being creative with your make-up and this is particularly true for those of us who have costume related blogs. As a cosplayer and beauty fanatic, I love the freedom make-up gives you. I can transform myself from a freckly Irish lass into a clown, a burn victim, an old lady, or an alien. I can make myself look like my body is decaying or that I’m made out of metal. This is the beauty of make-up!

Woman in Hat and Fur Collar, Pablo Picasso

Why do I wear make-up? Because it’s fun and it’s an outlet for me. It’s like asking why an artist paints. You would hardly say Picasso has set up realistic standards for women because not every woman has lopsided eyes. But he painted because it was an enjoyable way he could express himself. The same goes for a make-up artist. We’ve all seen online the various transformations people can achieve with the use of a brown powder and brush.

Costume make-up is VERY different from every day make-up, though. I certainly don’t head on a night out with liquid latex and coffee beans over my face. I could, but I leave that for conventions and Halloween. Instead, I love to contour, highlight and sparkle like a fairy threw up on me.

why i wear make up
No make-up/Everyday make-up/Special FX make-up/Special FX close-up

I wear make-up because, for me, it’s that ten minutes to an hour a day that I can have to myself. When you’re doing your make-up, you notice the little things you like about your face, be it a well placed freckle or the shape of your eyes. When I was younger, I wouldn’t have dared put a photo of me wearing no make-up online, but this is the second post where I’ve featured a photo of me clean faced! And ironically, I’ve make-up to thank for that.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to wear make-up but neither should you feel pressured to go completely bare. Just do you and don’t put down others. Encourage and congratulate your peers.

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” Dalai Lama


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