I’ve already listed out 7 reasons why you should invest in Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream, but another great (and cheap!) beauty buy is tea tree oil. I have used the natural oil for a variety of things beauty related but also health related. The tea tree oil comes from the Australian melaleuca tree, an evergreen with white spongey bark. The oil is derived from the leaves or “needles” of the tree. The tree actually got it’s name from Captain James Cook who named it tea tree because his used used to use the leaves as a tea substitute. But I wouldn’t recommend swapping your tea leaves for tea tree oil! It’s not meant to be taken internally. At most, you can put two drops into a glass of water to swivel around your mouth to clear bacteria in your throat but do not swallow it!

There are endless uses for tea tree oil but what I mostly use it for is for treating spots. I put a few drops on one end of a cotton bud and rub it around my spot then on the actual spot. It not only dries it out so it flakes away faster but it also kill the bacteria that caused the spot. People have also said how much the oil has helped them clear up their acne. It’s my go to when I find a little red bump on my face. It’s much more hygienic than the toothpaste trick!

Another great use for tea tree oil is for when you’ve had a nasty cough. Pour yourself a hot bath with a few drops of the oil into it. Think of it like bathing in Vicks! It’s going to help clear your throat and chest as well as your nose. If you feel even a hint of a cold or cough coming, just do this and you’ll be saving yourself in the long run. If you don’t have a bath, then put a few drops into some hot water in a sink, grab a towel, put it over your head and breath in the vapour through your nose and out through your mouth. Simples!


Honestly, tea tree oil is the handiest thing to have in your house. People invest in a thousand and one things to help treat spots, but as we know most of them are rubbish. My mother introduced me to this when I was a young teenager and I’ve never looked back.

I use Boots Tea Tree Oil in 20ml and you can nab it for €10.99. Definitely a bargain as other places can charge up to twice as much!


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