If there is one thing I hate more than waiting for liquid latex to dry, it’s working with nose and scar wax. It is the most annoying product I’ve dealt with yet as I’m learning Special FX make-up. It’s taken me a fair few tries to figure out these simple little things to make it fair more workable. But thanks to some super helpful friends from the web and from my life, I’m finally able to use it properly! There are a lot of things to remember when using it but eventually it does become second nature. I’m currently working with Mehron Modelling Putty/Wax and it’s pretty stubborn, but fortunately I have five tips on what to do to make it easier.


Getting Started

The most important thing to know is that scar wax is a solid. You are going to need to warm it up somehow, and the easiest way is between your hands. Roll it out between your hands either into a snake or ball shape, whichever kind of shape you need for your make-up.

Buy A Spatula

It’s also pretty vital that you invest in a metal spatula. I got a cheap one off from Amazon that also came with a metal palette for mixing.

Moisturiser Is Your New Best Friend

SERIOUSLY. I would be lost without this tip. One of the best tips I’ve ever gotten was to use Vaseline to make the wax less sticky. I found that Vaseline was a bit too slippy so instead I use a body moisturiser or lotion to smooth it out. I rub a bit on my hands when I’m warming it up but also dip my spatula into the moisturiser when I’m smoothing the wax out on my skin or prop. If the spatula is leaving too many marks on the wax, I put a little bit of the cream on the tips of my fingers to blend it better into my skin.

Make It Look Natural

The scar wax I’m using it a more reddy colour than my pale cool toned skin and it looks even worse when I’m wearing my glorious orange fake tan. Because of this, I have a variety of powders and creams handy so I can balance out the colour to match my skin. It’s pretty simple, just think of it like making your foundation lighter or darker. For instance, I would use an orange or brown powder or cream to darken the wax to my skin colour. If it’s darker than my skin I generally use a white eye pencil to make it lighter. I use an eyeliner pencil just because I find it much easier to use than a cream and it gets the job done quickly!

Keep It In Place

Another helpful tip I got from another special FX fan is that to make sure your prosthetic stays in place is to invest in prosaide. I’m not too familar with it as I’ve only ever used spirit gum and that gets the job done fine. The only downside to spirit gum is that you need spirit gum remover to take it off but with prosaide you can use soapy water or my favourite product, isopropyl myristate. To keep the wax in place, smooth is out into your desired shape on your hand, smooth it down then carefully remove it. Apply the prosaide where you want the prosthetic to stick and put the wax back down. Again smooth it out using a little bit of moisturiser and apply more prosaide where needed.


And that’s really it! It is going to be the most annoying product you’ll ever work with but once you have these key tips in mind, it becomes much easier. I’m still no pro at it but I’ve learnt how to be better, which is the most important thing. Hopefully this helped you out if you hate nose and scar wax as much as me!


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