Worth The Fuss? Penney’s Brush Cleaning Mitt

This product is blowing up EVERYWHERE online! I’ve seen beauty bloggers and all my friends raving about Penney’s Brush Cleaning Mitt. It’s cheap as chips at €1.50 but what’s the fuss about it?

As any make-up lover knows, cleaning your brushes is the biggest hassle – so when I heard there was something out there to make it easier, I jumped on the band wagon. We all have different techniques to clean them but I’ve my own special way – and I’m going to tell you what that is!


Using baby shampoo for all my brushes (real and synthetic), I soak them in warm water before squeezing a little bit on my hand. Using a swirling motion, I swipe the brushes up and down the ridges of my finger applying slight pressure so that the bristles get a seriously good clean. When I’m happy enough with how clean they are, I run the brush under some warm water to wash out all the soap, squeeze any excess water out of the bristles and leave to dry flat. Now I know this is not the best way to wash your brushes but it’s my way!

How I use this new fantastic Penneys product is the exact same, but instead of my fingers I use the brush cleaner! It is definitely a life saver because I no longer get cramps in my hands or arms from vigorously cleaning and I don’t end up with awful prune fingers. Whiel most other brush cleaning mitts start at €20, Penney’s sell theirs for just €1.50 – an absolute steal!


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