I’ve been trying my hand at costume make-up for about a year now but my interest was sparked many moons ago. Halloween has always been my favourite holiday for as long as I can remember (next to Christmas, of course) because I get to go mad with my make-up and no one judges you. I love festivals for this reason as well! Any excuse to lash on glitter or put a vat of liquid latex on my face, I’m all for it.

But my ideas don’t come out of no where. There are some amazing make-up artists out there who inspire me daily – I’m a screenshot demon with these geniuses! Every look I do has been inspired in some shape or form by these MUAs below. With Halloween coming up, check out my top 9 SFX MUA’s to follow on Instagram.


1. Glam and Gore

Instagram / @mykie_

Glam And Gore’s Mykie is someone I’ve been following for a few years now – you could even say she was my first influence into SFX. Just like her name suggests, she has some gorgeous glamorous tutorials as well as plenty of gorey, bloody tips and tricks for costume make-up. She is one of the most diverse and talented (if not the most talented) SFX MUA I follow on Instagram. She also has a fab YouTube channel.


2. Jordon Hanz

Instagram / @jordanhanz

Jordan Hanz is another SFX MUA I have looked up to over the years. Like Mykie, she does both beauty looks and costume looks. What I love the most about her looks is that she uses stuff you wouldn’t even think of using. She was the artist that introduced me to using hot glue guns (a cosplayer essential) for make-up looks. Obviously, you’re not putting hot glue on your face but just check out her Ice Queen tutorial on her YouTube to see what I’m talking about.


3. Goldie Starling

Instagram / @goldiestarling

Where do I even begin with Goldie Starling? Real name Angie Davis, she puts in a massive amount of effort into all her looks. My favourite is her American Werewolf inspired look (above) because of the process of it all. It took time and effort but proves that hard works pays off. But she’s not all about spending hours on looks – she has some beautiful looks that seem intricate but are actually really doable. Check out her YouTube for more.


4. Made Yew Look

Instagram / @madeyewlook

Made Yew Look’s Lex is one of the top body paint artists out there. Her make-up technique is so good that she’s able to trick the eye flawlessly. She also is a barrel of information about how to use basic SFX make-up and has dedicated a video on each product on her YouTube channel. Like Glam And Gore, I’ve been following her for a few years now and I haven’t looked back. Her looks are always interesting and innovative.


5. Rosie Mudie

Instagram / @rosie_mudie

I’ve only been introduced to Rosie Mudie recently. It was while I was creeping for a quick idea I found her. What first caught my eye about her was her gorgeous skeleton look. She features a lot more beauty looks on her Instagram than costume looks but shows how easy it is to create costume looks with basic make-up products.


6. Tumbling Cosplay

Instagram / @tumbling_cosplay

Jessica doesn’t have as many followers as the rest but her work is astounding and I can see her number growing rapidly soon. She reached out to me on Instagram when I posted a Deadpool look with some super helpful advice. I have been struggling trying to master the Marvel character’s face for so long and she gave me a few pointers on how to better it. Most of her looks are heavily gore based and are so good you will start to question if they’re real or not.


7. Powdah

Instagram / @powdah

Marc Clancy aka Powdah is one cool dude. The quality of his work rivals that of a professional film make-up artist’s work who been in the business for decades. Another Instagram I’ve only come across recently, I’ve really enjoyed having a creep through his work. Be warned though, his Instagram is not for the faint hearted! Prepare to see some seriously gruesome work.


8. Voodoo Barbie Doll

Instagram / @voodoobarbiedoll

If ever you want to feel plain, look at Nicole’s Instagram. I am in love with her looks because she’ll take something already beautiful and vamp it up even more. Her Harley Quinn look is a great example of this. She also takes things that are not typically attractive looking but makes them sexy, like with her pirate look. What I love the most about her work is the amount of glitter she uses – I’m a sucker for a bit of sparkle!


9. Pompberry

Instagram / @pompberry

Fernanda Machado is one gorgeous gal. She recently revealed that she had shaved her head – something I truly admire. Like with drastically changing her hair style, she is also incredibly brave with her looks. She was a finalist in the Nyx Face Awards this year and it was at the ceremony that she revealed her new ‘do. Fernanda chose to shave her head for her final video for the competition just to prove how dedicated she is to her art. If you haven’t seen her video about her Nyx experience and shaving head, definitely check it out.



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