I have been OBSESSED with Nyx since I first discovered it. The major beauty brand first grabbed my attention when a friend of mine started raving about their jumbo eyeliner for her Harley Quinn cosplay. After hearing her gush about it so much, I searched high and low when I was in America for it. Somehow, I just couldn’t find any store selling Nyx (to be fair, I was in Montauk and far away from anything bar a TJ Maxx). Fortunately, Boots started selling Nyx in Irish stores and though I didn’t get the eyeliner, I did get their coveted Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake and their Slide On Lip Pencil in Red Tape. Now the brand has hit Arnotts who are stocking even MORE products than Boots – heaven!

Here are the products on my wish list from Arnotts;

1. Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk


Obviously the first thing I’m buying is the Jumbo Eye Pencil! I need to get my hands on it. Not only will it be handy for normal make-up looks to help enlarge my eyes but it’s going to be SUPER handy for costume make-up and cosplay. I’m really excited to use it for outlining Chelsea smiles, mapping out features and highlighting prosthetics. A star buy at just €7.

2. Prismatic Eye Shadow in Girl Talk


First of all, how perfect is the name Girl Talk? Absolute favourite Prismatic Eye Shadow shade. I first saw it in Boots and was so tempted to buy it but I was an adult and bought my weekly bits instead. I’m so excited to finally purchase it so I can add a bit more oomph to my day looks and glitz like a disco ball on nights out. I think it would also make a really nice highlighting blush as well. For just €7, it’s a shade I need in my make-up collection.

3. Lid Lingerie Eye Tint in New Romance


Maybe it’s because Christmas is on the way or maybe it’s because I’ve a new found love for glitter, but I adore all of Nyx’s Lid Lingerie Eye Tint colours. My favourite is New Romance though because I know I can amp up my night make-up with it and the Prismatic Eye Shadow but I can definitely wear it over a nude eyeshadow for a little lift. After having a look in store, I can tell that it’s going to be so easy to apply and so handy for my make-up bag. Snag it for €7.

4. Concealer 3C Palette Light


Like most people, my face doesn’t just have spots and it doesn’t just have bags under my eyes – it has spots and bags and red marks and much more! The pink or peach concealer in this palette is great for brightening up the eye area and making tired eyes more awake. A yellow concealer is also handy if you have purple under eye circles or even bruising (I use a yellow concealer on my legs sometimes because I bruise like a peach!) The other brown shades in this palette will be great for contouring and hiding blemishes whether I’m pale or tanned. A definite must have at just €14.

5. Skin Elixir Balance


If you haven’t checked it out already, I’ve written up a whole post on why I LOVE anything with tea tree oil. I’ve a growing collection of masks and cleansers that have tea tree oil in them, so of course I really want Nyx’s Skin Elixir Balance. Many have said that it not only makes a smooth base before applying make-up but it has also helped clear up their skin and reduce reddening. It can be worn by itself or under make-up. For just €15.50 it’s a product I want to add to my tea tree oil collection!

6. First Base Makeup Primer Spray


I am a sucker for Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long Lasting Setting Spray but before I was skeptical of just how good a spray make up could be – anyone else remember those Dior aerosol foundation cans? But now that I’ve used it and loved it, I’m all for sprays to make my makeup easier! This spray is meant to make your face smooth and soft for long lasting wear and a flawless finish. I’ve heard only amazing things about it and for just €10, I’m sold.

7. Full Throttle Shadow Palette in Easy On The Eyes


I love neutral shades the most out of any colours for my lids. Greens, browns, golds and nudes are so easy to work with when you have blue eyes. I do wish I was more adventurous with my colours but I know for sure I’d get great wear out of this four colours for day and night looks. The Full Throttle Shadow Palette in Easy On The Eyes is a steal at €12.75.

8. Highlight & Contour Pro Palette


What make-up lover doesn’t want another highlight and contour palette? I’ve seen MUA’s like Glam And Gore’s Mykie rave about Nyx’s Highlight And Contour Palette Pro multiple times. It was Mykie who introduced me to this palette. She said it is the best one for pale skin because the white sparkly shade is one of the few highlights suitable for lighter skin tones. The browns are also cool shades which are great for pale skin. I’m trying to embrace my natural skin colour more these days so think this would help me get used to the whiteness! Grab it for €25.

9. Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam


I’ve been looking at a lot of products for my skin when I’m pale, but there’s nothing better to me than completely dolling myself up when I’m bronzed. The Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator can be used on the cupids bow, over cheekbones, or the décolletage. It can also be used all over the face for a glow but I plan on using it as a highlight and even a bit on my body. Just like how Cocoa Brown boss Marissa Carter uses her Goddess Oil, I’d put it on my shins and collarbones too. Pick it up for €10.

10. Makeup Artist Train Case

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 21.10.48.png

I need something to hold all these fab products in – so why not get the Makeup Artist Train Case? It may look small but it’s almost like Mary Poppins’ bag. The sturdy case has four shelves in it with a big lower section to store even your favourite fake tans. For someone like me who just keeps buying more and more make-up, it’s definitely a product worth investing in for just €84. Similar cases of the same quality can be almost twice the price so nab this while it’s in stock!


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