Christmas season is fast approaching and everyone is brainstorming ideas of what to get their friends, families, dogs and even themselves – it is the season to treat yourself. If you know a beauty nerd or you’re looking for something new to add to your collection, Benefit has a huge range of gift sets on sale right now. The coveted beauty brand is hugely popular for not only their amazing quality of make-up but also their whimsical packaging. This season, I am loving their cutesy illustrations on the gift sets. I was tempted to pick up a set myself, but it definitely wasn’t an easy task.

For Christmas, Benefit have seven darling gift sets not including their gorgeous advent calendar. It was tough but I narrowed my choice down to three – the Dolly Darling gift set, the Girl A Rama gift set and the Blushin Babe gift set. As is obvious from the title, I splurged and went with Blushin Babe.

Blushin Babe even comes with They’re Real mascara and eyeliner / Arnotts

For just €43 and available from Arnotts, you get €140.19 worth of products. It’s an absolute steal not only for the handy travel size They’re Real mascara AND push-up liner but for the blushers and bronzer. The set has my must-have bronzer, Hoola, and four of their best-selling blushers – Dandelion (a personal favourite), Sugarbomb, Rockateur, and Coralista. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a sample of my number one highlighter, Watt’s Up. Honestly, I can’t go anywhere without a lick of Watt’s Up on my cheeks before heading out.

If you’re familiar with Benefit, you know how well-wearing their products are. This kit is so handy because for the price of not even two of their blushers, you get the choice of all four of their blushers. I am an avid fan of fake tan but I have started embracing my pale skin a lot more, so the option to float between cool toned blushers like Dandelion and warmer shades like Coralista, this is perfect. I’m not even a massive fan of using blush on my cheeks – but because of this kit, I’m far more inclined and almost every time I wear make-up, I’m wearing blush.

The They’re Real range that’s included in the set is also exceptional. Before I fell in love with Roller Lash, I was a huge fan of They’re Real – often on nights out I’ll double up and wear Roller Lash on top of a coat of They’re Real. But it was their gel eyeliner that really interested me. I had been wanting to try it for ages but unfortunately I’m not able to splurge on Benefit as much as I would like. So when I spotted the liner was also included, I knew I wanted it. Pro tip: If you’re struggling to get the gel out of the pen, just twist the base clockwise. A lovely gal in the South William store in Dublin told me that many of the pens have air bubbles in them so you just need to twist it fast for product to come out. And what do I think of it? Actually pretty disappointed. I thought it was be so quick and easy to use, like so many reviews have said, but I can never get that perfectly slick cat-eye that I’m able to create with my Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner. That said, it does an excellent job of hugging the lash line and doesn’t budge.

Overall, I would 100% buy it for any friend who is as obsessed with Benefit as I am or even just loves to sculpt their face. In Blushin Babe, you have all you need to contour, highlight and add colour to your look. Even though I was disappointed by the eyeliner, it was more than free from what I was given in the gift set. Now let’s just hope Santa brings me some more Benefit bits…

Is it worth the fuss? It’s totally worth the fuss.


2 thoughts on “Worth The Fuss? Benefit’s Blushin Babe

    1. I know how you feel! I am a huge fan of Hoola – I don’t think I’ll find another one to replace it – but I love using it as a contour powder and then Sugarbomb as a bronzer on top of the cheekbones before adding some highlighter. Great post by the way!


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