It’s no secret I am a huge fan of tea tree oil – it’s so versatile and handy. I’ve already talked about the benefits of the oil and how you can use it to tackle spots, but there are a lot of products out there that aren’t so concentrated and gentler on your skin if you’re looking to just combat spots.

One of my favourite ranges from Boots is their Tea Tree & Witch Hazel collection. Along with the benefits of tea tree, witch hazel is also great for your skin. The plant is a strong antioxidant and, like tea tree, is great for fighting spots and ridding your skin of bacteria. It’s also meant to be good for stopping cellular damage that can lead to skin cancer, preventing signs of ageing and speeding up healing (like when you pop spots you really shouldn’t have gone near.)

Out of the entire range, there are three products that I absolutely love from Boots’ Tea Tree & Witch Hazel collection.



Charcoal Face Mask; There no doubt that charcoal face masks help fight spots. The charcoal extracts dirt deep in your pores and helps pull it out. When your pores have dirt and bacteria in them, not only can this lead to spots but it can also dull your complexion. The added benefits of tea tree and witch hazel also help in battling the dirt in your pores. I would use this mask about once a week, generally on a Thursday or Friday before I tan

Peel Off Face Mask; Okay, I can’t lie, I love this mask more because it’s gimmicks rather than it’s skincare benefits. There is nothing more fun than peeling off this face mask! It’s like taking the film off of a new phone or laptop screen – it’s the little things. Aside from that, it’s also great at keeping my skin at bay. I would use this whenever I feel that my skin is a little bit too greasy, if a spot has popped up and after a weekend of wearing tan – it really does stick to the dirt in your pores! I’m a fan, definitely my favourite out of the three.

Back Spray; I have never thought to use a back spray before, but it was watching The Make Up Fairy’s Snapchat one day that caused me to go out and buy the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel back spray. She uses it for her back after a gym session to prevent spots coming up, but it’s great for anyone looking to fight spots. I would use it after a shower, after the gym or when I feel I’ve neglected the skin on my back for a while.


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