When I started working in an office and faced a laptop and desktops a lot more, I noticed my skin had become a little grey. Now that I’ve gone back to retail and spring is coming, I’m upping my skincare routine. However, I’ve really noticed how dull my face has become – it’s definitely not as fresh and bright as it was last spring. Because of this, I’ve been trying various face masks and tricks to add more life to my skin. However, I remembered that when I was younger my mother warned me of playing The Sims for too long, and not because of going “square eyed” but because how it can damage my skin.

As soon as I remembered this, I jumped on my laptop to research how the bright lights from computer screens can damage skin. It turns out that a laptop’s light was quite bad for your skin – but now it’s not as bad.


Marie Claire beauty editor Lauren Valenti wrote a pretty interesting article on how “computer face” can come about. The light from a computer screen can cause premature ageing because they emit UV radiation – so crows feet and frown lines can occur quicker. The good news is that if you have bought a laptop in the last decade, this won’t be a massive problem for your skin because most screens are either LED or LCD, which do not emit harmful rays. But if you work in front of a desktop or own a laptop from the 2000s or even the 1990s (well done if you actually still work on a laptop or desktop from the Zac Morris decade), then it can cause problems.

As it is 2017, it’s more than likely that you do own a laptop from the last decade but if you work in front of a desktop at work or in college, then you need to be careful because some can emit UV radiation. Even small amounts of daily radiation will not only make a light-sensitive condition worse, but also speed up skin-ageing.

So how do we prevent this? Simply invest in an anti-glare screen cover for your computer to block the harmful rays. Or work from a laptop from at least 2011.

Something else that you need to do everyday, desktop or not, is to wear a sunscreen daily. I know in Ireland we’re pretty relaxed about this but if you’re not going to wear a sunscreen on your face during the winter, do invest in a foundation or daily moisturiser with SPF. For foundation, I love Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich Foundation with SPF 15. I also like using Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish for day-to-day make-up.


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