Why You Need Vitamin A In Your Skincare Routine

Why You Need Vitamin A In Your Skincare Routine

I’m pretty skin obsessed. I strive to have smooth, spot-free skin but that’s not always the case. Now more than ever, even more than when I was a teen, spots keep cropping up on my skin. I’ve also noticed something that’s I though only happened to older people, not me, a young spring chicken at 24 – wrinkles. While no one else can really see my little creases, I can see them and I can see them growing. It’s tough to get totally rid of wrinkles without the help of a doctor and a needle, but it’s not that hard to prevent any severe lines showing up with the help of retinol, or vitamin A.

Retinol when broken down into retinoic acid can communicate with your skin cells and tell a skin cell how to behave and look. It can make your skin appear more normal, healthier and younger – something which I’m striving to hold on to!

When using retinol in your skincare routine, you can expect a lot of results from it. It can help a variety of skin issues including wrinkles, loss of firmness and signs of ageing to uneven skin tone and other signs of sun damage. It also helps to promote the skin’s natural moisturising factor, giving you a radiant glow – you might even get ID’d with your revitalised youthful radiance.


There are a host of products you can use which contain retinol – and don’t worry, they won’t break the bank. At the moment I’m using This Works’ No Wrinkles Night Repair Serum. I’m using a night serum because even though you can use retinol products during the day (despite the myth that you shouldn’t) retinol does breakdown in sunlight and is so less effective. It’s advised by various skincare professionals to use products with retinol in them at night.

If you’re interested in adding retinol to your nighttime routine, there is one other ingredient that we’re told not use with it – glycolic acid. The mixture of the two can cause irritation and redness in the skin, making it tender to touch. In fact, they say you shouldn’t use any alpha hydroxy acids with retinol. Why? Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist in Boston, said to Allure Magazine in 2014, “This duo is a recipe for redness and irritation.” However, it’s not easy to find retinol products without alpha hydroxy acids. So if you do happen to have a product with retinol and glycolic acid, you can take an anti-inflammatory, like ibuprofen, to help calm the skin and smoothing on hydrocortisone cream, like HC45.


My Favourite SFX Make-Up Tool

My Favourite SFX Make-Up Tool

When creating any sort of look, whether it’s for cosplay or for a night on the town, it’s vital you have the right tools. However, the tools you need for a creative look compared to your standard beauty look are very different. While it’s important to have an almost endless supply of brushes to perfect that smokey eye, you want to avoid using brushes when using liquid latex – you will ruin your brushes no matter how much isopropyl myristrate you use.

For my creative looks, I use a host of random tools – sponges, cotton buds, cotton balls, toothpicks, spatulas, spoons and almost anything that’s just in sight. But there is one tool I constantly use, my steel make-up palette.

I mix a lot of colours together and have started mixing liquid latex with colour as well to enhance looks. So instead of ruining my plates or spending cash on paper cups, a steel make-up palette is essential. Like I said, you can mix different materials together but you can also squeeze out different products out so that you don’t end up with twenty different colours on the back of your hand. I even use my palette for my beauty looks – eyelash glue, mixing foundation, glitter mixes and more. It’s so handy.

The palette I use I bought off Amazon for cheap as chips, just under £5 (about €6). It came with a double-ended spatula as well, which is another tool I can’t live without. It’s the best way to mix together liquid products without wasting any!

So if you’re loving SFX make-up or are a beauty fanatic that’s looking for a new tool, a steel make-up palette is very handy to have.