If you’re a Harry Potter fan, no doubt you’re enchanted by anything to do with your favourite wizards and witches. You’re loyal to your house and sometimes spit out Petrificus Totalus before your sibling rats on you for taking the last biscuit (just me?) So when a new Harry Potter product launches, we get a little (a lot) excited. Thanks to stores like our own Penneys and the States’ Hot Topic selling Harry Potter clothing, cups and more, our Potter passion can literally be shown to the world. Now, you can rock a total Hogwarts look thanks to Storybook Cosmetics.

The beauty brand has hit the nail on the head time after time when it comes to creating fairytale makeup and tools. When they launched their eyeshadow palette, beautifully titled the Wizardry And Witchcraft Palette, the internet freaked out. The colours are stunning and their names are perfect – Charm, Broomstick, Potions and Jinx, just to name a few. Beauty guru Jeffrey Star reviewed the palette and was “shook” by how pigmented and long-lasting the shadows were. So you can imagine my joy in hearing that Storybook Cosmetics are now releasing four liquid lipsticks to match the palette!

On their Instagram, they have shared a little teaser showing fans a look at their latest product. If their liquid lipsticks are anything like their eyeshadows, you can imagine just how beautifully pigmented these will be. There is no word yet what they will be call, but the shades are very similar to shades in the palette.

First in the photo they shared on Instagram is a bright red lipstick, like the shade Sorcerer. The vibrant green lipstick is quite similar to the shade potions from the palette. Next to that is a faint pink shade, which isn’t too far off Charm but has a hint of Prophecy to it as well. Last but not least is a fantastic blue shade, perhaps to go with the only blue shade in the palette, Merlin.

However, Storybook already have a fab collection of liquid lipsticks if you can’t wait until the Wizardry And Witchcraft release. First there is Adventure, a bold gold metallic lipstick. Next there is Horror, a blood red that would be perfect for any creature of the night. Their pretty pink shade is Fantasy, a shade that would suit any princess or prince. Finally they have Romance, my personal favourite because of it’s dusty pink shade.

And if that isn’t enough, Storybook have revealed they are working towards a magical holiday boxed set! So be good this year and ask Santa for something really special – like these lipsticks.


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