Welcome to The Sapphire Geek! I’m Emma and i’M obsessed with all things beauty… and Deadpool. This blog focuses heavily on beauty but also my favourite aspect of the beauty world – SFX make-up.

I first discovered my love for SFX make-up years ago from watching various YouTubers but it wasn’t until the summer of 2015 I decided to teach myself the art. It was also that summer I discovered something that really stirred my interest more in SFX – cosplay.

What’s cosplay? Cosplay is a shortened version of “costume play.” Roughly, you dress up as characters from anime, comics, games, and such. For years I wanted to dive into this world but it wasn’t until the autumn of 2014 I learnt even just the name of it.

The main thing I love about cosplay is that I get to spend hours transforming myself into something else but I can still remain me. Not only that but I still get to pamper myself for hours – just not the usual way you expect!

I also adore general beauty – from skincare to make-up to hair, I’m in love with beauty. I think it’s vital as well for people to look after their internal beauty so I also like writing the odd uplifting post.

So from my must-have beauty buys to my weird and wacky cosplay hacks, I hope to not only introduce you to the growing “nerd culture” that cosplay comes from but also plenty of beauty posts!


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