Super Simple Deadpool Make-Up

Super Simple Deadpool Make-Up

If there is one character that’s given me hell, it’s been Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth was the very first cosplay I ever worked on. The first few times I wore the cosplay I have always changed how the make-up was done. Only now, after about ten tries, am I happy with this look. It’s easy, it’s quick (if you don’t include drying time) and doesn’t require any skill at all. Seriously, as long as you can measure a teaspoon, you’re grand.

Ingredients; 1 part liquid latex to 2 parts brown sugar.

I generally use one teaspoon of liquid latex and two teaspoons of brown sugar to cover my face and neck. You can use any granulated sugar for this, I just prefer brown sugar as it tends to have a less smooth texture and doesn’t show up as bright as white sugar does.

It can take up to 3 hours for the look to be finished (an hour drying time per layer) so make sure you’ve set aside time for this as well as your own make-up for the day.

Mix the liquid latex and sugar in a bowl with a spoon/stick/whatever and then start spreading it on your face. Using the back of the spoon, flatten out the mix so there are bumps from the granules but it’s not too intense. With the front of the spoon, scoop up a bit of the mix and let it drip a bit in a few places. Continue doing this until you’re happy. You will be needing about two or three layers of this avoiding the eye area, so don’t go over the top with the first layer!

Once it’s dry, brush on some loose powder to take away the shine from the mixture. Take an orange brown powder (like shade 2 in SoSu’s contour palette) and dab it all over your face. I do this so that when I put on my foundation the white of the mix doesn’t show through. When I’m wearing tan, I just go for a darker brown again. Once that’s all done, just apply your make-up as normal.



If you want to go the extra mile and create the small holes in Deadpool’s skin, take a pair of tweezers and pick just a little bit at a few bits. Once you’ve a small hole, very carefully pull at it until you create something like I have above. Take a red lip liner and very carefully put the tip of the liner just where the latex is still attached to the skin within the hole you’ve created. Using the tip of your finger, smug the red lip liner so that it totally covers the inside of the hole.

Boom, that’s it! It’s so easy to do but the only pain is having to wait so long for it to dry. To be fair, when you wash off the liquid latex the brown sugar in the mix almost acts like an exfoliator! Always look on the bright side, guys.


My Favourite Trailers From SDCC

My Favourite Trailers From SDCC

The biggest event in our geeky calenders happened over the weekend. San Diego Comic Con happens every summer in California and masses of film fanatics, comic book lovers, passionate gamers, and general pop culture nerds flock to our nerdy Mecca. Every year, Marvel, DC Comics, and others preview brand spanking new trailers for upcoming films and TV shows. So of course, I have to list my favourites that I’m most excited to see and who I’d most like to cosplay from each one.


LEGO Batman

How can you not be excited for LEGO Batman? I was so excited for the LEGO Movie when it first came out, so when I heard Will Arnett’s Batman was getting his own film I screamed. What excites me the most in this film is all the classic character that will be in it; the wonderfully camp Dick Grayson/Robin, the mysterious Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, the dramatic Joker, and of course the delightfully sarcastic Alfred.

Who would I cosplay? Robin, hands down. Not only is he rocking the hottest trend of the season with those glasses, but gives me a chance to start working on getting a nice booty! I love cosplaying quirky and exaggerated characters and Michael Cera’s Robin would be ideal. Also, it’ll allow me to live out my dream as a camp man.


Kong: Skull Island

Some people may be shocked that this isn’t in my top 3, but honestly I’m just a not as excited about Kong: Skull Island as I am about the others. I did study film partially in college though, which makes the film nerd in me excited for this. It looks visually stunning and I do love King Kong storylines. It also stars my favourite Kerry man, Michael Fassbender.

Who would I cosplay? Brie Larson’s character Weaver. Mostly ’cause the clothing in this is minimal unless I want to look drastically masculine, which just isn’t my thing. It would make for a super cosy casual cosplay and she still has weapons, which is a plus in my books.


Once Upon A Time

I am a huge fan of Once Upon A Time and discovered it on Netflix  about three years ago (all the series and even new episodes can be streamed there!) I am a Disney freak so when I found this series, the Disney shaped hole in my heart was filled as I waited for each new Disney Princess film. One of my absolute favourite princesses has to be Princess Jasmine, so when I saw that the Aladdin story was going to be included in the next season, I put a hole in the ceiling from jumping with joy.

Who would I cosplay? Okay, there’s only three characters shown in this so choice is limited but did you see how GLAM Jafar is? For sure I would stomp about with that snake cane like a boss. His entire costume is so incredibly beautiful that it be a great challenge for me.


Doctor Strange

One of the most anticipated Marvel films of the year with rumours that Will Ferrall was meant to star as the leading man, Doctor Strange follows the same style as every other Marvel film. Gorgeous imagery, awesome fight scenes and the odd bit of wit, it’s set to be one of the best if not the best Marvel films to date. Iron Man better watch out!

Who would I cosplay? Kaecilius, for sure. Mads Mikkelson’s eyes look absolutely horrifying and that is just the kind of costume make-up I love. I adore finding new ways to change my face and features, and caved in eyes is one that I’ve always wanted to try and haven’t yet. I especially love the cracked look he’s rocking.


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Having been a Harry Potter fan since I was a tyke, I am only buzzing for this film to come out. J.K. Rowling is again helping with the film so you know it’s going to be as beautiful and witty as every other film in the Potter franchise. From the trailer alone, it’s clear that it’s going to be hilarious and a wonderful emotional roller coaster. It also stars my babe Colin Farrell, who I’ve had a guilty crush on since I was a kid.

Who would I cosplay? Probably one of the beasts. I’d grab a few of my friends and try get us all to glue feathers to each other and make caw noises. They are stunning creatures and I’ve always wanted to rock the Buckbeak look anyway.


Suicide Squad

Can I be terribly basic and admit that this is going to be one of my favourite films of the year? Definitely not my favourite because Deadpool was the best ever. But still, it’s going to be awesome. There is a lot of hate out there for how they’ve designed the character’s looks, but if people actually researched how much effort has been put into this film, they’d realise that we should be applauding the whole crew behind this film. I could write a whole post about this, but you can also just easily google the various reports on this film.

Who would I cosplay? Again, I’m basic and I love Harley’s look, but I’m not choosing that. I’m also already cosplaying the Joker from this film at Dublin Comic Con this year, so I can’t say that. But I would absolutely love to cosplay El Diablo. You can’t deny he’s one of the most awesome characters out of the bunch. This is the third variation of him and the first of him as an ex-criminal, and unlike others, I kind of love it.



I’m devastated to see that so many original Arrow characters are no longer in the series, but the introduction of these new guys is kind of exciting. I’m most excited to see Curtis finally tackle that salmon ladder, but also the return of Evelyn Sharp who we only just met in season 4. Also, rumour has it that Katie Cassidy will return to the show. Earth One Laurel is dead, but her Earth Two doppelganger Black Siren is alive and well, so she might perhaps make a return.

Who would I cosplay? Thea seems to still be working with the team as Speedy, which has been a cosplay I’ve wanted to do for a long while. Her costume also hasn’t changed much, which I like ’cause I adore the lace-up detailing in it. For a curvy girl like me, it’s pretty handy to have some sort of lace-up detailing on your top!



Sorry, but FISH. IS. BACK. The bitch just can’t die. She’s escaped death, what, twice now? But she’s not the biggest reveal in this trailer. First of all, can we talk about the fact that RED HOOD was teased? Jason Todd is the best known Red Hood out there but the Joker too used the name as was told in The Man Behind The Red Hood, both in the comic and in the animated film Under The Red Hood. Jason came after Dick Grayson, and since we last met the Flying Graysons, Dick has yet to be born. So I’m guessing it’s another Joker storyline to keep the mystery of what his origin story is. Also, did anyone else happily scream at the Court of Owls teaser?

Who would I cosplay? Fish Mooney, no doubt. She’s a character that was created for the show but I want to see her in the comics, just like how Harley Quinn was introduced through the animated series and now has a string of comics and graphic novels named after her. Even though I’ve only seen Fish from the neck up, she’s looking fierce and fabulous. Those contrasting eyes and that gorgeous neck piece, I’m all over that.


Wonder Woman

HYPE HYPE HYPE. And I’ve totally fallen for it. We have been waiting for a Wonder Woman movie for how long? Years and years. Lynda Carter did an outstanding job at playing the Princess of the Amazons, but I have such a good feeling about Gal Gadot. Her appearance in Batman vs Superman was the best out of of the lot. She showed how strong a character Wonder Woman is and that gives me great confidence that her film will be one for this DC revamp to be proud of.

Who would I cosplay? Island Wonder Woman. Her costume seems quite comfortable and I really like the colour palette (If you haven’t noticed, I’m not only a basic girl but just basic overall, including colours). Her overall island look just seems quite sleek and cool, which I much prefer over her blue and red outfit. It was tough to pick though and if I didn’t have to choose one, I’d definitely pick both.


Justice League

Did you think I was going to leave out what is going to be the best DC film of the year? Justice League is FINALLY going to be released and the stellar line up has be beyond excited. With Jason Momoa starring as the seriously badass Aquaman and Ezra Miller the adorably quirky Flash, it had people screaming when the trailer was debuted at SDCC. I just hope the film expands on Bruce Wayne’s final question.

Who would I cosplay? I would genderbend the hell our of that Aquaman. The tattoos, the eyes, the HAIR. I love it all. We’ve yet to see his costume, if he gets a costume, but I adore that stance on top of the rock as the waves crash over him. What a powerful shot! No one would dare pick a fight at a con when you look like that.


The Flash

Last season they introduced Earth 2 and this year they are tackling the emotional Flashpoint storyline. The Flashpoint Paradox is in my top three DC Animated Films so I’m especially excited to see how they incorporate the story into the third season. I’m so happy to see they are finally introducing the long awaited speedster Wally West. Also, Eobard Thawne is BACK and in a cage, which we all know won’t keep him from making a quick mess.

Who would I cosplay? The Flash, obvicously. It’s been on my cosplay list for a while now to cosplay as Grant Gustin’s Flash. My first two cosplay’s ever were the 1960s Catwoman and Deadpool, so I have a certain love for full body suits. The Flash is also one of my favourite superheroes and this TV show, which I originally thought was going to be awful, has quickly become my favourite programme right now.

Isopropyl Myristate And How To Remove Prosthetics

Isopropyl Myristate And How To Remove Prosthetics

I’ve previously explained how to properly apply liquid latex, but how do you take it off? Recently, I invested in isopropyl myristate. It sounds long and scary, but is praised by SFX make-up artists around the globe. With the amount of damage I’ve done to my face already by applying liquid latex and literally ripping it off, I looked around to find what could safely remove it.

I picked mine up from Mystic Moments on Amazon. It comes in 125ml, 500ml, and 1 litre. I went for the smallest amount just to test to see if I liked it and how well it worked, but now I regret not getting a larger bottle! If you plan on using SX make-up a lot, it’s definitely worth investing in at least the 500ml.


But what is isopropyl mysitate? Simply, it’s a synthetic oil. It’s most commonly found in beauty products, like roll on deodorant, shampoo, moisturiser, that kind of stuff. Even check some of your favourite beauty products now and see if they have it. ISM, as its also known, is used within the beauty industry to replace natural oil so that the products feel less greasy. So it goes without saying, this stuff is totally okay to use on your skin to remove prosthetics.

To use ISM, it couldn’t be easier.


1. Start looking for that sweet spot where your prosthetic is starting to come off. If you can’t find a spot, start pulling faces! Stretch your face so that the props begin to move.

2. Once you have something to tug at, grab a decent sized brush, like this square foundation brush from MAC. Dip the brush into the ISM, and place the brush inbetween your skin and the prosthetic. Move it around a little, jig it about, and as the SX make-up starts to peel off, move it around more until the whole thing is ready to come off.


3. You’ll see your latex or prosthetics start to literally fall off, it’s a messy process. To get any spirit gum or thin layers of residue left on the skin, put a bit of the liquid on a cotton pad and rub it around your face. Finally, get a damp cloth and clean your face until it’s all off. Dry with a towel and BOOM, it’s all off.

This will save all the little baby hairs around your hairline and your lady ‘stash (we all have one!) Whilst ISM isn’t bad for the skin, I still advice washing your face with a natural cleanser and some water after as repeated use of ISM can clog your pores.

When it’s all taken off, your face will be saved. If you’ve ever torn off liquid latex, you know that your skin can end up looking raw and red. And how does your skin look after using ISM? The photo below was taken seconds after I finished taking everything off and it speaks for itself.


My Advice on Using Liquid Latex

My Advice on Using Liquid Latex

For the past few weeks, I’ve been dappling with various cosplay make-up looks, particularity the Joker and Deadpool. Whilst the Joker was pretty easy, Deadpool gave me a hard time (Are we surprised?) You can check out a few looks of what I’ve been working with in the slideshow below! Whilst practicing, I made a pretty stupid mistake right off the bat, which was I did NOT prep my skin for applying liquid latex. This inspired me to write this post so that no one else makes the same silly mistake.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First, what is liquid latex? It’s a product often used within special FX makeup and one of the most commonly used. Many cosplayers use it to create scars, cuts, added features and more to a costume. Liquid latex contains about one third latex and about two thirds water. There’s less than 1% ammonia in the mixture to keep it from spoiling and to control the pH. It’s the first product I got for my growing special FX kit! Now, let’s get down to how to use the stuff.

1. Before doing anything, shake your bottle of liquid latex and then open it for 3 to 5 minutes to let that slight ammonia smell diffuse out in a properly ventilated area. Also, don’t put the product anywhere near your eyes or nose. Even with opening it for a while, it can irritate your eyes and nose. I think it goes without saying to not put this stuff in your mouth. We’re not in playschool and eating glue anymore.

2. Finally, you can now put this stuff on your skin. Well, almost. You’ve got to test to see if you’re allergic to it first. Just like with hair dye, you have to make sure you’re not gonna blow up or turn bright red if you slap the liquid latex all over you. Do a patch test; take a small bit of the product and place it on a small bit of skin, like behind your ear, on your wrist, any part of skin that you can hide if things go wrong. If all goes well, you can get started on making some awesome costume make-up.

3. Next, make sure your skin is ready to handle this pore-clogging substance. The best way to do this is to exfoliate your face the night before, then cleanse and moisturise a few minutes before applying the liquid latex. To save any pain in the future, apply some Vaseline (or petroleum jelly) on your hairline and a bit over your top lip just before your ready to start getting to work. This acts as a barrier between the latex and your baby hairs.

4. Speaking of, you’re best to be hairless. If you’ve a beard or even a bit of a moustache, either shave it off or apply some Vaseline on top. I did a stupid thing of applying liquid latex all over my face for my second attempt of Deadpool and oh my God. The absolute pain of having to peel all that off. Let’s just say, if you don’t wanna pay to get your eyebrows waxed but you’ve an abundance of liquid latex, you’re sorted.

5. The next part is actually applying the liquid latex. You can use your fingers, whole hand, a sponge, a brush, whatever you fancy! If you are using a brush, wash that bad boy as fast as possible, ’cause that stuff is hard to wash off. The best I’ve found to remove the latex is acetone (and thick gloves!) but your brush will never be much use again. Invest in a heap of cheap sponges that you can throw out after, it’s honestly the best! I picked up a massive pack bag from Penney’s for €1.50. Or you can be super cheap and just use your fingers, but this is a messier process than sponges!

6. The most stressful part of liquid latex is really waiting for it to dry. The best prep advice I can give for wearing liquid latex to a con is to create all your bits before your event. And do it well before! You can re-attach any prosthetic you made with spirit gum. What is spirit gum? It’s kind of like glue for your face. Again, patch test it. It’s most commonly used in costume make-up for applying false hair to the face or sticking down a bald cap/wig. It’s pretty handy! Definitely a great investment if you are interested in costume/cosplay make-up.

Handy tip: When you’re applying it, just follow your instincts. You’ll know best what’s going to work out. And if you’re totally lost, there are HEAPS of YouTube tutorials on how to do almost any kind of costume make-up. There’s no rule book on how to apply liquid latex, you’ve just got to keep trying and failing until you find a technique that works for you. Don’t think less is more, because more is best!


So god speed, my friends! You can check here on the best way to remove liquid latex and other costume make-up prosthetics.

Easy Fake Blood

Easy Fake Blood

When I started this blog, I planned for it to be a beauty blog with a cosplay twist. Yet, it’s been almost TWO MONTHS since my last cosplay post. I’ve been slacking! So I’m glad to share with you my super easy fake blood recipe.

I learned this when I was a kid, a recipe my mom would make with me every Halloween ’cause it was necessary that every costume had a bit of blood in it. Vampire is pretty obvious, but I was a bloody cat, a bloody witch, a bloody princess; name it and I added blood to it. Homes I went trick or treating to probably thought I was a little weird, but every kid LOVED being messy right? What better fun than to be messy on Halloween? And I think blood is easier to clean up than a mummy leaving toilet paper everywhere!

One of the most important features of a good fake blood recipe, to me, is that it’s safe enough to ingest. For instance, if you choose to do a Chelsea smile look, you don’t want any toxic chemicals going inside your mouth. Fake blood can be bought in almost any costume or special FX shop, but I would rather use those types of products on my hands or neck. If you’re careful, you can totally apply them to the top of your nose, your forehead or cheeks. Also, ALWAYS keep fake blood away from your eyes and nostrils. Trust me, it won’t be a good time.

2016-06-05 18.17.42


50 mls water

150 grams powder sugar

2 teaspoons red food colouring

Small handful coffee beans or 3 teaspoons coffee grounds

4 to 6 teaspoons corn flour

You’re best to use a blender like a Nutri Bullet to mix the ingredients. Have two teaspoons on hand to measure, one for the dry ingredients and one for the food colouring.

2016-06-05 18.05.44

First, mix the water and sugar together and, if you can, shake the mixture or stir until it’s all combined. Blend the mixture in small bursts so it’s thoroughly combined, then add in the red food colouring. Then blitz it all together.

2016-06-05 18.07.57

If you have a coffee grinder, grind up them beans and throw them into the blood. This ‘ll darken it and make a gritty texture so it looks like bits of dried blood. Most Starbucks have free coffee grounds for customers to use in their garden, so pop in and ask!

2016-06-05 18.22.38

Finally, mix in the corn flour. Feel free to add more to make it thicker and even some cocoa powder to make it darker and thicker. It’s all about experimentation!

This recipe is the best for a simple vampire look, but I will be writing a few thicker though less tasty recipes for fake blood! To apply this one, grab a cotton bud/Q tip and dip it in the mixture. If you want to wear it at a party, I advise either adding in heaps more cornstarch and sugar so that it sticks and stays longer. You’d definitely need to bring it in a little tub to reapply.

How I Got Into Cosplay

Since I first started wearing foundation (that was three times too dark for me) and blue glitter eyeliner, I’ve been a make up addict. When Benefit released the limited edition They’re Real Swarovski Mascara in November 2015, you better believe I bought it the first morning it was on shelves. I love learning new tips and tricks to make up to not only speed up my morning routine, but also to highlight and enhance my preferred features.

Most of what I learned came from the internet, and one of the biggest helps was YouTube. If it wasn’t for Michelle Phan, my winged liner would take ten times longer! Of course, when browsing YouTube, you come across all sorts of things. From cat videos to blue waffle, there is everything on that site. So whilst clicking through endless make up and hair tutorials, I would come across the odd few cosplay videos, cutesy how to’s as well as more theatrical make up. Watching these videos would excite me, especially the cosplay videos from actual conventions. Most of these videos would be filmed at American conventions, so the quality of the costumes always seemed out of this world. I was astounded by the amount of skill these cosplayers had! They would made stunning replicas of costumes from movies that would’ve taken a team of people to make. Despite watching these videos, I still didn’t know what I was interested in was called cosplay and that the community was pretty big in Ireland, too. It wasn’t until the end of 2014 that a friend introduced me to Jessica Nigri, dubbed “Queen of Cosplay” by her fans, that I realised what it all was. From there, I discovered Yayahan, SuperMaryFace, Alana Waffles, and more. In no time at all, I had already decided on various cosplays I wanted to try out.

I was extremely fortunate to already have a friend who was an active cosplayer, and like the mama bird that she is, she took me under her wing and introduced me to the Irish cosplay scene in the summer of 2015. From there, we met up along with another cosplayer to plan what would be my first cosplay and first cosplay group; DC Sirens. Not only was it exciting to plan my outfit, but it was even better getting to meet so many people who share a common interest with you. Comics, anime, and gaming were a guilty pleasure of mine, but now, they’re a passion of mine. I love being able to walk into a con and meet new people, swapping fun facts about DC and Marvel characters, playing new games and admiring each others cosplays.

What I love the most about it all, though, is getting to experiment with make up. Before I started making costumes and researching more about cosplay, the majority of bits I’d had in my make up bag wouldn’t extend beyond brown and gold eyeshadows and a load of nude lipsticks. For someone who loved make up, I was pretty basic. I love the natural look, and prefer to just enhance what I got. With cosplay, I now own a growing collection of rainbow eyeshadows and various foundation colours even. I have a whole separate bag for liquid latex alone! Being able to cosplay gives me the chance to experiment with make up, and sometimes what I learn can be pretty easily transferred over to my boring, everyday make up. For example, without cosplay, I wouldn’t have a clue how to highlight or contour. I can also make some pretty realistic gills on my neck, but that’s just me bragging.

If you’re ever interested in the cosplay scene in Ireland, just check out a few of the conventions happening here. Don’t forget to click the links to check out some of my favourite MUA’s on YouTube!