The Geek Is Back

The Geek Is Back

It has been SUCH a long while since I last wrote on my blog, and it’s because I literally had no idea what to write about – I hit a wall. So I’m changing things up and going back to what I’m passionate about, which is not only beauty but my home city of Dublin and what goes on here – from festivals to food to the history of it and everything in between.

When I first started a The Sapphire Geek, I had planned to write about my cosplay journey and learning about SFX make-up. However, I quickly found out that having an Instagram is a far better way to show off my looks (follow me HERE.)

But before The Sapphire Geek, I had a blog called Scabby Student that brought forward fun yet cheap things in Dublin for students on a budget – and I want to include those fun aspects into this blog.

With this new direction of the blog, I’m going to be changing around the format of my page – so don’t be surprised if it changes once every half hour in the space of two hours because I’m still testing things out. I just want to get my writing out there so push myself!

So what can you expect from my blog from now on?

There will still be loads on beauty, cosplay and geeky stuff but also expect write-ups on places to check out in Dublin, fun Irish history and much more. Basically, when I’m not writing about beauty or geeky stuff, my posts will be about Ireland – specifically Dublin.

Hopefully with this change you’ll get a better idea of who I am, what I’m passionate about and it will allow me to actually write about stuff I like – such as doughnuts, gin and other wonderful things.

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