Mean Girls Make-Up Brushes Are A THING

Mean Girls Make-Up Brushes Are A THING

Yes, you read that right – Mean Girl make-up brushes are actually a thing. The iconic movie is still one of the most loved films of the century and it’s quotes help me get through the day. Now, to transport me back to the beautiful 2000s, Mean Girls brushes are going to be available very soon!

These brushes are so fetch! And they are created by one of the most popular make-up brands this decade, Spectrum Collections. If you recognise this name, it’s probably because of their stunning and colourful mermaid-like brush collections – their Pearly Queen set is a personal favourite. However, I now have a new favourite – boo you, whore!

Spectrum shared a hilarious and wonderful video to debut their latest glam collection. Based off one of the most iconic scenes from Mean Girls, it was only fitting that pink was in abundance. The brushes feature the brand’s well-loved ombrรฉ style, pink fading into indigo. They are truly something special as each brush features a different Mean Girls quote.

The Mean Girls collection will be available on August 31st from Spectrum.

Psssst… How cute was their launch party by the way? Have a cheeky look below.